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Win our Restaurant in Barcelona

Participate to win our restaurant, DiBuono in a once in a lifetime opportunity through a lottery.

  • Anyone +18 can buy a ticket for 6€
  • Lottery will be held on September 25, 2024
  • Process is managed by the esteemed Notary Jesus Benavides Lima
  • Winner wins DiBuono Restaurant with over 50.000€ in monthly sales.



Esperamos que han podido disfrutar un meravilloso sabado #dibuonobarcelona

♬ original sound – DiBUONO Brunch & Tapas

Why hold a lottery for DiBuono?

familia portrait
May 27, 2023

Time to care for our young family

Our family started this adventure in 2020, right after COVID. We took over the restaurant when it was only 2 of us and a couple of years later we were joined by our son. Needless to say, the excitement and success we feel we have achieved by running DiBuono, it’s overshadowed by the joy we get in seeing our little one grow. And now it’s time we focus our efforts on caring for our young family.

Give the same opportunity to others!

Being in a very sought after area in the center of Barcelona, with a terrace under centennial trees that can seat 46 people, plus 75 more inside, DiBuono has many advantages amid strong sales. We have been given tempting offers from multinationals, who would like to use it as a fast-food store. However, we prefer to give the same opportunity to all who would like to succeed with only 6€ and keep a restaurant started in the 70s in the hands of everyday people, our customers.


How does the lottery work?

Is this legal?

Yes, this is 100% legal. In order to run this particular lottery our notary representative has requested the approval and registration in the “ABACO“. And of course, this lottery will be held in full transparency and in front of the notary, who will certify the winner. Here you can read all the rules in detail which guide this particular lottery. You can contact us here for any questions you might have.

What technology are you using?

All sales for every ticket are handled by 101DIGITAL ONLINE TECH S.L. which runs our website and takes care of the generation of unique numbers assigned to every ticket sold and delivered to our customers via email, as well as in their custom DiBuono portal page. Each virtual ticket is unique and has 6 digits. The lottery will be held by manually extracting individual numbered balls in front of the notary, until a winning ticket is found.


Jesus Benavides Lima, Notario

Where is the Restaurant?

Passeig de Sant Joan 72, 08009 Barcelona

Your restaurant will be located in the Dreta de L’Eixample, on the coveted Passeig de Sant Joan.